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Become an OOVI Certified Guide

OOVI Guides are compensated with above-market rates, have the liberty to create their own schedule, and are consistently supported by Experts throughout training, onboarding, and beyond. 

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Complete Our Training Program and Earn your Certificate.

Join the OOVI Team as a Certified Guide! Our comprehensive training processes ensure you're well-equipped to make a positive impact in the lives of OOVI Members seeking meaningful change. Here's what you can expect on your path to becoming an OOVI Guide: 

Step 1: Apply with your Information

Submit your name and email address to our OOVI Guide sign-up page. 

Step 2: Waiting for the Waitlist

As we get many applicants, please watch your email for your official application. Once the full application has been received, we will review it and reach out for further steps. 

Step 3: Congrats! You're on your way to becoming a Certified OOVI Guide!

Once your application has been reviewed, our Experts will reach out to initiate the training and testing process.

The Training Process

1. Curriculum Familiarization

Dive into our Mental Health Guidance Curriculum. This groundwork will prepare you for your training and help you better understand our approach. 

2. Training Session with an OOVI Expert

Engage in a video conference call with an OOVI Expert. During this call, you will go over the basic fundamentals of our curriculum. You will learn valuable insights, procedures, why we do what we do, and you will have time to ask any questions regarding our curriculum. 

3. Observation Period

After Training, you will be required to observe a minimum of 5 group sessions to gain insights into how the curriculum is applied in a real group setting. You may observe as many sessions as you need until you feel confident to move forward. 

4. Co-Facilitation Experience

Co-facilitate a minimum of 3 groups alongside an OOVI Expert. The Expert will be present during the entire session and will only step in if needed. As you are leading the group, your efforts will be graded and evaluated. After each session, the Trainee and Expert will discuss what went right, what needs improvement, and further insights into creating a positive and forward-thinking group session. Each Trainee must have three successfully led Group Sessions. The notes are then reviewed by OOVI's directors for acceptance into the program. 

5. Congratulations! You're officially a Certified OOVI Guide!

You're officially a Certified OOVI Guide! You are on the path to providing meaningful change while earning a generous wage! To set up, one of our experts will walk you through and advise you on creating your first Group session, as well as setting up your availability for one-on-one session requests.


What to Expect

Maintaining OOVI Standards

To maintain our high standards for success and meaningful impact, we conduct frequent check-ins to ensure your growth and development as an OOVI Guide. These check-ins are also a great time to ask questions, hear constructive feedback, and further your abilities as an OOVI Guide. 

Group Structure Format

Groups consist of 6 to 8 individuals, fostering open discussions and external motivation. Sessions are grouped based on different categories like anxiety, depression, grieving a loved one, sobriety, and more. Each Session is no longer than 60 minutes and no shorter than 50 minutes long, allowing thorough exploration of concepts. Your role is to ensure every member is heard, listened to, and challenged in a positive way while creating a nurturing environment for growth. 

Pay Structure

Training: Training and curriculum is provided by OOVI with no additional costs or fees. 

In-Training Co-Facilitation: Trainees receive $25 in wages per session. 

Post-Training Co-Facilitation: OOVI Experts receive $50 in wages per session. 

OOVI Guides: Receives $50 in wages per session. 

OOVI Expert Guides: Receives $75 in wages per session. 

Bonus Opportunities: After successfully leading 100 Group sessions within one calendar year, OOVI Guides receive a bonus of $1,000!

Your journey with OOVI is not just about guiding groups; it's about contributing to lasting change in people's lives. We are here to support you every step of the way as you create impact and embrace a rewarding role as an OOVI Guide. 

For further questions and clarification, feel free to send us a message! We are to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Welcome to the OOVI Family


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Fill out the information below to apply to become an official OOVI Certified Guide.

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Thank you for wanting to be apart of our Supportive and Growing Community! Once you have been selected, you will receive an email with further application instructions. 

Disclaimer: Oovi is not designed to offer therapy, counseling, or clinical mental health services. We do not provide diagnoses, treatment plans, or medication recommendations. 

Our guides are not authorized to offer psychiatric services or make any recommendations regarding medication or medical treatments.

If you are experiencing severe mental health issues, please seek the guidance of qualified mental health professionals who can provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

For further questions, please email us at

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