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Refreshed Take on Psychoeducation

Because You Can Be Better

The CBI Program (Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry) is designed to empower you with skills and knowledge to navigate life's challenges and foster lasting positive change. 

We guide you on a journey to enhanced mental well-being through our unique program. 

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About Our CBI Program

Oovi's Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry (CBI) Program is designed to help individuals develop healthy thought patterns and behaviors. Stemming from the principles of CBT, it leverages proven techniques to address various issues and challenges we may face. Through a structured approach that fosters self-awareness and positive change, Oovi's CBBI Program empowers individuals to effectively manage their emotional well-being, offering a validated pathway toward improved self and mental health.

Core Elements

Cognitive Consonance

Oovi's Curriculum uses cognitive consonance to promote mental well-being through aligning thoughts, beliefs, and actions. This alignment reduces inner conflicts, enhances decision-making, and fosters emotional stability. Cognitive consonance is a significant part of Oovi's approach to creating inner harmony for improved mental health.

Emotional Neutrality

Playing a key role in the curriculum, emotional neutrality aims to help individuals achieve a balanced emotional state. It means fostering a mindset where emotions are acknowledged without overwhelming reactions, leading to better emotional regulation and resistance. This approach empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges calmly and composedly, ultimately contributing to their overall mental well-being. 

Behavioral Proficiency

Behavioral proficiency is a central component of Oovi's curriculum, focused on equipping individuals with the skills needed for effective behavior management. It entails developing the ability to make deliberate and adaptive choices in actions and reactions, promoting healthier interpersonal relationships and personal growth. Oovi empowers individuals to navigate life's complexities with greater competence and improve mental well-being by emphasizing behavioral proficiency. 

Psychoeducational Program

Oovi is a supportive, educational, and constructive community that is rooted in psychoeducational and skill-building. We help you in developing strategies and tools to enhance your mental well-being. 

Oovi is designed to complement traditional therapy or counseling if needed. We are an additional resource to help you on your journey, but should not replace professional mental health care. 

At OOVI, we strive to make change more accessible to those who need and want it. Our focus is on the ability of the individuals seeking to make changes to identify problem areas, create plans, and use outcome-based thinking to determine their near- or far-future actions and outcomes. 

Oovi Mental Health Guidance offers a supportive and educational environment to assist you in building valuable skills for your mental well-being. However, our services are not a substitute for professional mental health care. 

If you are experiencing severe mental health issues, please seek out a qualified mental health professional who can provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Disclaimer: We do not provide mental health therapy or counseling. Oovi is a psychoeducational program founded on our core principles designed to build skillsets that contribute to one's mental and personal well-being. 

Message from our Founders:

"At Oovi, we strive toward a world where every human being feels heard and empowered to change harmful habits and confidently navigate their own unique paths to their desired life goals."

OOVI Founders

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