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Become an Early Member and Supporter of Oovi. 

Sign up today as an Early member and receive a FREE welcome package, a 50% discount on sessions, and other exclusive perks.

The tools, guidance, and community you need for mental well-being.

How it Works

Our Commitment

Oovi is a safe environment for all.

With affordable rates and financial aid available, we are committed to being accessible to everyone wanting to become a better self.  

Step 1

Embrace the Oovi Community
Oovi is all about support, and we value your commitment. As we gear up for our official launch date, early supporters and members who sign up today will receive a fantastic 50% discount on our sessions. Plus, you'll receive a complimentary welcome package as a heartfelt thank-you for standing with us from the beginning.

Or Apply to become an OOVI Certified Guide!

Through our curriculum and training program, you will have the opportunity to become a Certified Mental Health Guide and play a key role in transforming lives with positivity and motivation. 

Apply Today

oovi online mental health guidance become the best, better version of yourself, maintain a

Step 2

Sign Up as an Early Oovi Member
Becoming an early Oovi member is simple! Just submit your name and email address using the form on our website, and you'll officially join our growing community. Once you're on board, you'll receive email updates regarding our launch date, your welcome package delivery, and exclusive opportunities to engage with Oovi's Founders. 

Strive for Success

Experience Oovi's Personalized Approach
Unlock the full potential of your membership. As an early member, you can take advantage of your 50% discount on sessions and dive into your free welcome package. Choose from group sessions that foster a supportive community, or schedule a one-on-one session with a certified mental health guide tailored to your needs. 

Our onboarding process ensures that each member's journey is personalized from the start. You'll complete a brief questionnaire and receive a packet to curate your personalized success plan. This plan will guide you through your mental well-being journey and sessions, ensuring that you receive the support and community you need when you need it most. 

At Oovi, we provide you with the tools, guidance, and community you need to prioritize your mental well-being. Sign up today to begin your transformative mental journey together. 

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Fill out the information below to join and become a part of the OOVI Community. 

Thank you for wanting to be apart of our Supportive and Growing Community! Once you have been selected, you will receive an email with full sign-up and onboarding instructions.

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