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Become an OOVI Certified Guide

OOVI Guides are compensated with above-market rates, have the liberty to create their own schedule, and are consistently supported by Experts throughout training, onboarding, and beyond. 

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Fill out the information below to apply to become an official OOVI Certified Guide.

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Thank you for wanting to be apart of our Supportive and Growing Community! Once you have been selected, you will receive an email with further application instructions. 

Disclaimer: Oovi is not designed to offer therapy, counseling, or clinical mental health services. We do not provide diagnoses, treatment plans, or medication recommendations. 

Our guides are not authorized to offer psychiatric services or make any recommendations regarding medication or medical treatments.

If you are experiencing severe mental health issues, please seek the guidance of qualified mental health professionals who can provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

For further questions, please email us at

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